We believe that school readiness begins as soon as children start at Active Littlies Child Care Centre from 2 years of age. Our program provides experiences that encourage independence, confident sense of self and development of skills. Research tells us that children learn best through play; therefore we have designed our program to provide long periods of unhurried child directed play in an indoor and outdoor environment. Our outdoor area is a large natural outdoor environment that has been well planned for children to play, develop and learn.

Our preschool program provides child directed and intentional teaching strategies to support and challenge children to develop and grow into confident young people with the help of our Active Littlies Educator team whom are highly qualified, caring and passionate about children’s care and education.

School readiness means that you can look after your own belongings, you are confident with social skills of interacting with peers and educators. Literacy and Numeracy skills are important, and the curriculum focuses on various and interesting ways for children to gain these skills. We encourage children to make choices for their learning and skill development throughout the curriculum.